Reading Explorers Challenge

Reading in Unsual Places!

Please keep sending in or emailing photographs of the children reading in unusual places. We’ve had some fanatstic ones so far, thank you.

Reading Explorers Challenge

27th February – 30th June









Reading Explorers Challenge

27th February – 30th June

Challenge 2 – Study Skills Simon’s Spanish Surprise!

Can you complete the challenge in your reading explorer’s passport before Friday 28th April?

Challenge 2 has begun…

Meet the Characters

Literal Lucy

Study Skills Simon

Deduction Dan

Inference Isabelle

Evaluative Eddy

Polly Poet

Important Dates

Friday 28th April – Study skills Simon’s Spanish surprise

Friday 19th May – Deduction Dan’s Dubai dash

Friday 9th June – Infrerence Isabelle’s Icelandic investigation

Friday 30th June – Polly Poet’s party in Peru