This week we launched our reading explorers challenge in which all the children were given their own reading explorers passport. Over the next four months, the children will need to complete a range of reading challenges to get them to the next place on the map. Our first stop is in London on 31st March with Literal Lucy as we help her complete her lap of London’s landmarks.Throughout our challenge, we aim to engage the children by promoting a love of reading. We would encourage parents, families and friends to get involved and are looking forward to seeing many of you this afternoon for our parents’ reading workshop in which you will be able to see for yourselves the types of reading activities we do with the children.We will also be sharing the ‘100 books you should read before the end of primary school.’¬†All the information about our reading challenge can be found on the Reading Explorers page on the website.

As part of the challenge, the children (and staff) all came to school yesterday dressed as their favourite book characters. Everyone looked amazing and we were very impressed with the ideas for some of the children’s costumes. Both parades were well attended and even though it was rather chilly, the rain managed to stay away. Thank you to everyone who came along. Photographs of us all in our costumes will be on the website later today.

In other news this week. Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a very interesting afternoon on Wednesday when they all dissected a sheep’s heart as part of their topic ‘Blood Heart.’ They all loved the activity and have gained so much knowledge and insight into how the heart works. Take a look at the photographs on Dragon’s page for more details.

Next Wednesday we have another PTFA meeting at 3.30pm. Please come along as we offer free child care and are always looking for new ideas.

Wishing you all a super weekend.

Jane Woodall