Macmillan Coffee Morning

Our final total raised for Macmillan Coffee Morning was £335.96 Thank you to everyone who participated. A special thank you to Steph Harris for baking two amazing cakes for our raffle and well done to Grace  Harris and Blake Curtis’   family for winning them in the raffle.

Maths Workshop

Thank you to everyone who came along to our maths workshop on Monday afternoon. It was interesting to see the types of activities and resources different age groups use to help them with their number and calculations work. It was  also lovely to see our nursery and reception children enjoying a range of maths activities outside.

Maths Curriculum

Fluent maths calculation skills are dependent on accurate and rapid recall of basic facts such as number bonds and multiplication tables. Therefore, children in Y1—Y6 spend 10-15 minutes every day learning these basic facts to help lead to improved fluency. The focus for each year group is:

  • Y1 number bonds to 10 & 20     x2, x5, x10
  • Y2 x3, x4, x6, x9
  • Y3 x7, x8
  • Y4 x11, x12 *
  • Y5/6 Revision of all

* This year, the government have introduced a multiplication test for children in year 4 – designed to help ensure primary school children know their times tables up to 12 x 12. The children will take the test some time between 10th &  28th June and the data will be collected by the local authority (in order to provide national statistics.) A letter regarding the tests will be sent home to  year 4 parents this week. Please help your children learn their times  tables by practising them at home. (There are lots of apps and games to help build up fluency and speed.)

Have a lovely weekend.

Jane Woodall